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Dr. Sudhir Shah

This is to state that Dr.Haris .R. Gershom has invented a novel musical instrument "Harishophone" I really appreciate that musical tunes played from this instrument Alpha -touch Therapy are really helpful in mental relaxation & stress management. My preliminary results of EEG examinations are really encouraging. Well organized alpha waves with better modulationand voltage have been observed with EEG in some of the patients in my clinical studies.

Shree R. N. Joshi (IAS) Collector and Dist. Magistrate (Anand)

A wonderful experience on Harishophone musical instrument and other instrument variety producing the core of mind thus relaxing stress and taking into the happiness (alpha state of mind) I wish all success of Prof. Harish Gershom and hope he will come at with many new inventions. All the Best.

Dr. Ajay Chaunhan, M.D.( Psychiatry )

This is to state that Dr. H.R.Gershom had designed a Instrument "Harishophone" through this instrument he played music and generate Alpha wave and due to this wave our staff and Mentally ill person experienced relaxing effect. Through this Instrument some of distinctive pt. also get benefit. I wish all the success to Dr. H.R. for future.

Steve Christian, U.S.A. Los Angeles

Its a daily dose of silence, prayer and meditation that I use for myself that give me strength I need, I could not survive without it until now when I experienced and listened to the magical sound of Harishophone. Despite the popular use around the world of traditional musical instrument and sound, there has been little practical information on their application and use in Healing until now. I had privileged and honor to meet with you during your visit to Los angles. I listened and experience the magical power of harishophone. Its an exciting instrument that brings together the resonance found in sound of Harishophone in order to create inner balance and healing. We all are influenced by sound and its effect on physical, mental and spiritual body. The sound created by Harishophone brings the new emerging science of vibration and transformation.

Dr. Jaydatt Vyas, M.D.Acu & TCM (Hong Kong)TCMT (Singapore)

This is to certify that Dr. Haris Gershom have invented Harishophone musical instrument which emits brain waves frequencies. This instrument has proved very successful in the treatment of patient having sleeplessness, fobia and Mental Relaxation.

Dr. K.D.Patel (M.Sc.,Ph.D)

I had been under treatment of Dr.Haris .R. Gershom who has developed Alpha Touch Therapy using his own innovated musical instrument Harishophone. This Alpha Touch Therapy brings the person in Alpha State of mind that is in the relaxation state within few minutes. This is my personal experience & I had been in sound sleep within few minutes. I wish him all the success in his further research work.

Dr. J B Patel, Hon. Director Department of Social Work (MSW)

Mr. H.R. Gershom has developed Harishophone musical instrument which is unique. The sound produced by this instrument has unique qualities and as it is claimed that it contains 'Alpha waves' It relaxes human-mind and under its effects person enters into a relaxed state instantly. I wish him success.

International Musical saw Association saw player news vol.9

The 2003 saw players Picnic & Musical festival News : A special Award was given to Dr. Haris Gershom for his unique device to play on saw blade. He played very well Dr. Gershom describe how he is also developing musical saw abilities to help depressed & disorder people to clear their minds and more quickly get into 'Alpha State' of relaxation. It was quite an unusual sight (1) & a pleasure to meet such an interesting person.

Dan Gillard Theremin Enthusiastic Club International Enternate systems

Dear Dr.Gershom, Thank you for your Christmas & holiday wishes. They are very much appreciated and TECI is honored that your would share them with us. your mission is honorable, noble and beautiful. I love your rendition of "Silent Night" I am fascinated with your instrument and its beautiful Theramin like voice TECT would be honored to place a link to your web site: sincerely Dan Gillard.

Patrick Weldon Board Member- The International Musical saw Assoc. (USA)

Dear Haris Gershom, Congratulation for your new innovation Harishophone to play on saw blade. Playing on Harishophone to generate Alpha Brain waves would be an innovative / theraputic use for the instrument are you planning to publish a paper? You could send excerpts in an episodic format to the SP News. I e-mailed you to see it you wanted to promote yourself or any services and products in the saw players News. Have you produced recordings Tapes or CDS? Have you plans to market a product? We would love to see you personally at this years festival. It that is impractical perhaps some sort of display chronicling your exploits.

K.D. Trivedi DY. GENERAL MANAGER-Steel Authority of India Ltd.

I have been extremely fortunate to have travelled with shree Haris .R. Gershom on my way to Reourkela from Ahmedabad. I experienced a marvelous phenomena. When I was listening to the music all of a sudden all the sounds- the herby sound of running train, the sound of Co passengers Chatting and the sound of vendors-everything vanished and I experienced total peace. It was so wonderful and heavenly that for sometime I forget everything. I wish all the success to this wonderful experiment.

Toshitaka Once (Japan)

Dear Dr. Gershom, Congratulation for have had honor of the special Award of Musical saw Festival in Santa Curz California (USA) in July-2003 I have read your wonderful article and photos on it. How great you are I wish you to continue your work with the Harishophone for your good peoples. Please take care of yourself.


  • Guinness Unique achievement award-2008 by Guinness World Record.
  • National award (2003) Limca book of Record.
  • International special award-2003 at California by IMSA(U.S.A.)
  • Trusty, Susamachar mission for Asia
  • Who's Who in the World (2005)

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