A Unique Music Therapy that controls Brain Waves and Remove Body Pain

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Dr. Harish Gershom

A dynamic multifaceted personality possesses a rare and unique combination of fine art and natural sciences. He is a Retried Prof. served for 40 years in V.P. & R.P.T.P. science college, Vallabh Vidya Nagar(388120), Gujarat, India. The person is non other than Dr. Harish. R. Gershom.

His activities have not remained restricted to these fields. He has also successfully trodden the path of music in a non conventional and enthralling manner. His contribution in the world of music is his innovation of a new musical instrument which he has been playing before large audiences.

Research publications and paper presentation Journal of Institute of chemistry India

  • vol.54 Jan.1982
  • vol.56 Jan.1984
  • vol.56 Nov.1984
  • vol.59 March.1987

(FOSET)All India peoples technology congress-2002.

The paper was acclaimed as a significant contribution in science.

He has developed unique music therapy using H. R. Mind Machine and T.H.N.M.S. That controls brain waves and remove body pain with new concept.

He is a trustee of su-samachar Mission, a social organization devoted to cause of people in villages so that they can stand and earn at their own living.

He has also visited old age home and some leprosy homes regularly at least once in a year with team of 10-15 college students. He offer voluntary physical labor which is followed by his presentation of Music magic and ventriloquism.


  • Guinness Unique achievement award-2008 by Guinness World Record.
  • National award (2003) Limca book of Record.
  • International special award-2003 at California by IMSA(U.S.A.)
  • Trusty, Susamachar mission for Asia
  • Who's Who in the World (2005)

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