H. R. Mind Machine


(Unique Music therapy to alter the brain waves & at the same time remove body pain too.)

Humans have always been enthralled by the effects of rhythmic sound to alter states of consciousness. Perhaps the most powerful and evocative memorable sounds are rhythmic booming of blood through our ears as we rest inside our mother’s.

Since ancient time’s human beings have used sound to enhance altered state of consciousness, in China, Tibet and India with meditation gongs metal singing bowls bells cymbals and chanting and tamboura and drum respectively. The tuning of the bowls bells and chanting influence brain function and states of consciousness.

Mostly we move through ordinary waking state with varying qualities of mental activities and in to the various level of sleep. Many of us experience extra ordinary state in which we are more at peace particularly alter and aware or unusually creative. Each of this state has a unique pattern of brain waves which can be measured and mapped.

A relaxed and positive frame mind so essential for recuperation of a patient may be induced by inculcating positive attitude towards life.

Positivity is synonymous with stability and may function as an antistress method. A positive approach includes a learning attitude to life where in all situations are looked upon as challenges. This perspective help us to see benefit in all circumstances empowering us to be a pillar of support in this world of conflicts and disease. A positive person has attitude of gratitude. The more we practice this for ourselves the more we will be satisfied in our personal and professional life.

There are four principle brain waves and categorized as Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta state of mind. Each state is associated with different level of awareness of consciousness.

As such the subconscious self has a mind of its own not always in alignment with your conscious self. This conscious mind act as a filter not allow suggestion to enter our subconscious self, getting your self to gather you can become more energetic and attitude can be change from negative to positive.

The primordial sound pattern and light induces meditational and relaxational sleep like of mind awake - body sleep like state. The powerful centers in your brain will listen to the sound directly. These centers will be recharged.

Dr. Gershom has constructed Alpha Music and unique device which calm down the brain waves in the range of 8Hz-13Hz (relaxation state) measured on EEG. This state is an ideal state of mind known as Alpha State of Mind (i.e. Relaxation State, at ease) where primordial sound recognizable to the subconscious mind. Audio subliminal by pass this filtering conscious mind and they are clearly registered and acted on by the ever listening subconscious self, your inner self hears embedded messages. They are embedded in music with special scientific technique and computer technology with a special micro frequency recognizable only to subconscious inner self.

Compact kit of Music Therapy

International award winner Dr. Haris Gershom has innovated new musical instrument named Harshophone. He can play Indian as well as western classical melody on it, besides this he is using this musical instrument as a Brain wave Entrainment and developed “Alpha Touch Therapy” for which he has received International Award at California by IMSA (USA), registered his name in Limca Book of Records and Guinness Unique Achievement Award by GWR.

It was not possible to give Alpha Touch Therapy to the concerned people each time and at various places during playing on Harishophone. Looking to the demand of the people very special new kit named Pyramid Harishophone Relaxation Mind Machine has been developed for the first time in the whole world. His project for the Mentally disabled patients has been accepted in the Self Finance R & D and Consultancy for Impaired (SFRCI) organized in the Dept. of Physics, S.P. University, VallabhVidya Nagar Gujarat, India. This new mind machine for relaxation has been developed under the guidance of Shree Lal Zha, technical director SFRCI, S.P.University Gujarat, India.

This kit consists of

  • Specially dual track recorded CD.
  • Attach vertical sound devised.
  • Specially designed Headphone connected with parallel electrodes.
  • Mind goggles fitted with colored LEDs bulb.

Very especially dual track recorded CD consisting sound of Harishophone simultaneously with back ground music played by Dr. Haris Gershom. The audio output is feed to vertical attached sound device. It controls the sound of desired frequency and helps to generate quick resulting responds in the brain, where resulting frequency is very low and a person using this kit comes in the alpha state of mind (relaxation) through audio sound using specially designed Headphone. Headphone is connected with parallel electrode which gives electrical impulse at the side fore head skin. Intensity of electrical impulses can be controlled by vertical sound device. Audio frequency delivered in headphone produces the resultant wave frequency in Alpha band (low wave frequency) and the input of alpha frequency can be increased by balancing the control given vertical sound device. Diffuse light from the mind goggles when passes through closed eyes retina receive full stimulation and produces wider range of visual effects and enhance the relaxation. This mind machine has been used on number of persons for relaxation purpose and stress management and observed positive result. This Mind Machine has been used in presence of Neurophysician Dr. Sudhir Shah M.D.(Medicine),D.M.(Neuro) (Mumbai) at Ahemdabad on his patient . EEG before and after music therapy have been measured. Repeated EEG after music therapy showed well organized Alpha Waves with better modulation and voltage. This mind machine is very useful for stress management, neuropsychiatry treatment, relaxation and it makes the person mentally stable, energetic to phase with the surroundings.

Click here :Opeation Instruction of Compact Kit of Music Therapy


Do not use this mind machine while driving a car. This is purely an educational device and no therapeutic claim are made.

Dr. Gershom honored by Dr. C.L. Patel Chairman C.V.M. V.V. Nagar at opening ceremony of Harishophone Relaxation centre.

Rev.Dr. John B. Rathod USA presenting memento to Dr.Gershom for his achievement.

Dr.Agravat (M.D.) Dean swaminarayan Medical College Karamsad under the influence of frequency following response at Harishophone relaxation centre.

DR. Gershom Giving Music Therapy to control Brain Waves & to remove body pain by Mind Machine & THNMS.

Dr. Gershom honored by Sangeet Pratibha Award by Gaurav Organization (Anand,V.V.Nagar).

Doctors Experiencing frequency following response by Pyramid Harishophone Relaxation Mind Machine.

Patient taking music therapy at Dr.Hemang Desai’s Clinic to alter the brain waves to relaxation state.

Dr. Gershom at USA received International Award for his unique achievement by IMSA in 2006. American under frequency following response can be seen in the photograph.

Dr. Gershom giving music Therapy to patient at EEG lab under guidance of well knownNeurophysician Dr. Sudhir shah.

Dr. Gershom at his relaxation centre observing effect of music therapy to leader of three different denomination. All the three leader are under deep relaxation state.

Dr. Gershom at relaxation centre giving music therapy to Dr. K.R.Dave a retired Prof. of S.P.University.


  • Guinness Unique achievement award-2008 by Guinness World Record.
  • National award (2003) Limca book of Record.
  • International special award-2003 at California by IMSA(U.S.A.)
  • Trusty, Susamachar mission for Asia
  • Who's Who in the World (2005)

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