• About Harishophone (A Brain Waves entrainment)

  • Unique musical instrumental named Harishophone and unique music therapy developed by Dr. Harish Gershom that controls brain waves and remove body pain with new concept. "Herisophone" An abstract of new musical instrument Harishophone The new musical instrument consists of 1. Saw Blade 2. Resonating Box 3. Mega Phone 4. Violin Bow Saw Blade When vibrated produces varieties of sound depending on its length, size and thickness. After trial and error method it was found that saw blade of a particular size and thickness when mounted properly on the resonating box the sound waves created can be transmitted to the resonating box. Extra vibration of the saw blade has also been cut off by some special technique. Resonating box A handsome hexagonal wooden (sounding) resonating box of a particular size as shown in the photograph works as a resonator. The sound waves transmitted in to the resonating box get resonated and change to multiple frequency and fair loudness. All the extra noise created during the playing has been eliminated by some special technique. It creates clear musical notes and increases the quality of the sound during playing. Megaphone Resonating sound when comes out of the megaphone which is fixed at the top of the hexagonal resonating box also makes sound fairly louder and sound becomes more melodious. It produces sonorous sound of its own kind. Violin Bow A regular Violin bow is used for creating vibration in the saw blade and hence the sound.

  • About Harishostand

  • A Unique stand that holds Violin, Saw blad and Mouthorgan. As per requirement one can play any instrument at any time shown in picture.



  • The Healing Melody: The Dr Haris Gershom Story
  • Guinness Unique achievement award-2008 by Guinness World Record.
  • National award (2003) Limca book of Record.
  • International special award-2003 at California by IMSA(U.S.A.)
  • Trusty, Susamachar mission for Asia
  • Who's Who in the World (2005)

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